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Yeo Dojo

Ninjitsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Ninjutsu classes in Fulham, South London

Why Exercise with us?

Hello and welcome to Bujinkan Yeo Dojo

Located in West London we offer the following Ninjitsu classes, Brazilian Jui-Jitsu classes and many more. The Yeo dojo sets out to improve an individuals confidence in all situations through the mastery of ones body. This is on a physical and then a spiritual level.

Through the Bujinkan system you will learn efficient stand up techniques with both weapon
... s and un-armed. This style is over 1000 years old and has been tested during the feudal period of Japan. There are six schools of Jij-Jitsu and three schools of Ninjutsu.

The Gracie system will teach you probably the best ground fighting system there is. It will also give you a reality check as to what will work and what won't through sparring. If you don't spar how do you know if a technique will work? This system will also teach you to flow with your techniques as well as drastically improving your physical fitness.

"95% of all fights go to the ground and yet probably only 5% of martial artists are adequately prepared, Gracie Jiu Jitsu seeks to redress this balance" - Rickson Gracie.

These two styles together offer any individual a fully rounded practical knowledge of martial arts. Most styles specialise in either kicking and punching or grappling. To be truly rounded as a martial artist, you must know both!
DBS Insured By: Viva

DBS: Yes
Insured By: Viva

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